My oldest friend…

A few months ago I signed up for a “trial offer” of, marking on the calender the date that I needed to cancel it so that I would not be charged. Ok- anyone who knows me knows that I forget EVERYTHING, so I have to write these things down- of course, these same people will tell you that I will still forget and – well, I am now a member of through June of 2008. (I also for similar reasons get free 2 day shipping with – I am glad that Columbia House doesn’t have a way for me to tape a penny to the computer screen or I would probably be getting CD’s till the end of time, too)..

Anyway- back to my oldest friend…

After I signed up with, I looked up a few old friends from the high school I went to. It is really kind of fun, just to see where people are now – and I don’t have to dress up and go to a reunion – I can sit in my jammies with a cup of coffee and not even have to brush my teeth – oh- that’s probably more than anyone wants to know, right?

So, I thought- hey, I went to the same elementary school for a few years – sorta- and I know that in the small town that it was, most everyone was still there – shoot – even Dean Roland (Collective Soul went to school with us )still goes there when he is in town –

So, I looked up Stockbridge High School and WOW! There was Misty Farmer! I have known her longer than ANYONE in my life!!! So I drop her a line and holy cow! She has not changed one bit since the last time I saw her (are you ready– 22 years ago–NOW I am going to start my mid life crisis)- even her voice is the same.

We both have 2 boys about the same ages, neither of us wanted to have girls. She lives in the same general area that we grew up in and she and her husband have been together about as long as Reese and I have!

I can not wait to go home at Christmas and be able to see her and introduce her to my family!!!

I never thought having moved around as much as I have that I would still be in contact with people that I met 3 years ago, let alone someone I met when I was 6 years old!!!

It’s a small world after all!


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