and now the news..


I have got to quit allowing Little Reese to watch the news. First, it was the Iraq war. He is very concerned about this, as we all are, of course, but my 7 year old holds some very strong opinions about this issue. Next, it was global warming – damn you Al Gore! Of course, I have noticed, with some pride, that both of my kids have a little tree hugger in them. A little is OK- they take issue with the fact that anywhere there is a tree, someone feels that there needs to be a gas station built there. But the day they decide that we only need to use 3 squares of toilet tissue each, I may have to find them psychiatric help.

Anyway, back to the news. It is a terrible tragedy that the bridge in Minneapolis collapsed. I understand that on Wednesday it was big news. But I am sure that there have been other things to happen since Wednesday, haven’t there? Why must it be the lead story on every news show on every channel two days later?

and of course, the fact that the bridge collapsed adds to Little Reese’s many paranoia’s, but that is another blog, for another time.

Misty is IM’ing me. I am going to answer (again, that will be tomorrow’s blog – really cool!)


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