I thought for sure that once Justin had outgrown Pokemon, I would NEVER have to look at another one of those stupid trading cards or hear the word Pikachu again!

No such luck! Little Reese and his friends have discovered this japenese nightmare and now he carries around a stack of trading cards in his pocket all the time and has “battles” with his friends and imaginary pokemon characters at the park.

I miss GI Joe and the (plastic) guns I used to hate them running around with. At least GI Joe was “real”. I miss matchbox and hotwheels. They were almost real.

Of course, there is still hope. Since he saw Transformers this summer, he divides his time between the decepticons and pokemon- I do push him towards Transformers.

No, I am not dillusional. I know that transformers are not real- but muscle cars that turn into kick ass robots are much cooler than trading cards and balls with pocket monsters on them. Tranformers have given my son an appreciation of muscle cars that he was loosing before seeing the movie- (if you have not seen it, there is an AWESOME camaro in it- only thing cooler is the mustang that I hope to have sitting in my driveway soon)

Muscle cars and GI Joe much cooler than Pokemon – and I am a girl- I should know, right? ; )


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