How exactly do you know when to start your midlife crisis?

It seems to me that you would have to know about when your life was going to end and I don’t want to know.

Of course, I think today is the day I may start mine. As my mother in law and I are talking about upcoming birthdays’ she points out to me that the youngest of my husbands oldest sisters kids will be turning 21 the day after Justin turns 15.

You would think that Justin turning 15 would do it, but no, not really. Not even Bryan (the nephew) turning 21 – no, it is the fact that his older brother will be 30 on his next birthday! My brother in law will be 40. I see them both as young. Weird. Brent, young, of course, he is younger than me, though not much, but Joe isn’t,he has just always seemed that way to me. Maybe because he is Reese’s little brother (that’s funny – 40 and someones little brother)… or maybe because I have always felt so much older than I really am…

Maybe that is why I am not sure when my midlife crisis should start. Maybe I reached my midlife mentally a long time ago…maybe I will live forever, so I will never have a midlife…

Maybe I think too much about these things and I should go outside and play….


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