Slow, Children at play..

We, as well as many of our neighbors, have one of these signs. We have bought them to put out in the road while the kids are outside playing.Our city planners don’t seem to think they will work.

Little Reese and I were outside this past weekend with our yard sale/ lemonade stand when a man stopped in his car just before our sign and told me how dumb he thought the sign was.

My ‘customer’ and I looked at each other and then at the man :

Anna “Excuse me?”

Dumb man “This sign gives kids permission to play in the road.”

Anna “No, it reminds drivers that there are kids playing and that they should slow down. Most people drive too fast down the hill.”

Dumb man (dumber by the minute) “But kids shouldn’t be playing in the street”

Anna (getting more p.o.’ed by the second) ” He isn’t playing in the street. He is playing in my yard. People are driving too fast down the road. When they see the sign, they slow down.” (I was totally amazed, by the way, at how drivers responded to the sign)

Dumber man” But the signs tells kids it is ok to play in the street because it tells drivers to slow down because there are children at play”

Anna ” no, my son plays in the yard. My son is 7 years old. At 7 years old, when his ball goes into the street, he is more likely to chase the ball into the street before he thinks to look both ways. That is not because he is not smart or because I am a bad parent. It is because he is 7. The speed limit is 25. Adults drive cars. Adults should remember to follow the law. This sign just reminds them why they should.”

Dumb man just shakes his head as if I am the dumb one and drives away- eventually faster than the posted 25 mph speed limit (not much faster, but still..).

This incident has encouraged me to write my first ever letter to the newspaper and I am even considering going back to the city council about it. I know that eventually if they were to put up children at play signs along the road, they would be ignored just as the speed limit signs are, but it can’t hurt to try. Our little community has fought city hall before. We thought we had won..but that is yet another blog…


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