Something I discovered at Petco..

I do alot of my “dog shopping” at Petco. I have found a salesperson there who has an australian shephard, who are very similar to collies, and she has given me alot of very good advice. Today I went in to look for some type of anxiety relief for Dixie during the fireworks. I asked her opinion of the anti-anxiety items they carried and we started talking about Dixie and her adventures Saturady night. She told me that I had the right idea when I took Dixie to the porch to show her the fireworks- full emersion, but maybe I should have to put her leash on her first- duh. She said that since full emersion did not work, next year, start small and work up to the big fireworks. Let her watch the kids play with sparklers and firecrackers through the window and maybe go from there…

I don’t feel quite as dumb, but then again, it didn’t occur to me at all to put the dog’s leash on her…


One response to “Something I discovered at Petco..

  1. Your not dumb you have never really had a dog before, so just like kids you are going to learn from experince.

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