Little Reese and his fear of fireworks

Little Reese also has a fear of fireworks – ok- he has a fear of ALOT of things- some rational – volcanos erupting and lava flowing down to his house, oddly enough, that one is almost rational living as close as we do to a somewhat active volcano. Many fears are irrational – that the sun is going to explode and we will all die- thank you science channel. Global warming – the ice caps are going to melt – thanks alot Al Gore.

His fear of fireworks is a bit of both. The rational part comes from last 4th of July (2006). Some of our neighbors had a giant block party, which ended with a fireworks show. (They are making this an annual event )They had food and drinks and games and music. It was so much fun! They work for a beverage company, so alot of the stuff they get at discounts and well, anyway… we all had a really good time. They must have spent thousands on fireworks – even if they did go to the indian reservations for the fireworks, there were so many..

As the day ended, we all went home and got our chairs and changed clothes- shorts and tshirts are not warm enough here at night – I wore sweatshirt, a turtleneck and jeans and drank hot chocolate (ok ok – with a little schnapps for the holiday)- on the 4th of July! We set up our chairs and the music started. They even included a bit of a history lesson (yawn.) As the fire works started we were all looking up- where else would you look? and then the fireworks quit going up- we thought they were just pausing, the wind was blowing…

and then there was a bit of a commotion behind the stand and some explosions…. we all waited for what seemed an eternity for them to start again….and then we realized that one of the fireworks had fallen over and all of them were exploding. They were going out sideways along the ground. We all grabbed a kid or 2 and ran back behind the houses- they had set up a good distance from all of the houses, but still.. in the end, I hadn’t even grabbed little Reese, the person sitting next to me had. I had grabbed a little girl on one side of me and the son one of our friends (they happened to have gotten Reese). As the commotion sudsided, we all got our children to the proper parents – except for Kylie -she was 3 then and had a death grip on me and wouldn’t let go. She had came with her older sister and I guess a mommy was needed more than a sister.

The fire department was close by (in a small town, they are always close by) so the fire was out very very quickly and only the guy shooting the fireworks- in shorts and flip-flops- was hurt- he had burns on his feet and legs where he tried to stomp out the fires. (See fireworks and rednecks blog).

Anyway! That is where his fear of fireworks comes from- the rational one- the irrational one comes from the fact that he is only 7 and that is alot of noise and fire for a little boy to handle.

We were goign to try to talk Goose into going to the fireworks this year. They took some safety classes and we have tried to tell Reese that accidents happen. But after last night with the dog, I doubt he’ll be watching fireworks anywhere but television for quite a while. But that is o.k. Until we are back in the south, who wants to wear winter clothes in July anyway?


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