Entry for June 25, 2007

About Mother’s Day…

We have a couple we are friends with and they had a daughter, Krissy. She had just recently moved back home to finish school closer to her family. Her parents worshipped her. The week before Mother’s Day was her 21st birthday. Her family had a huge party planned for her on that Sunday. The Saturday night before, she had gone out to dinner with one of her friends.

They were on their way home and were hit head on by a wrong way driver. She and her friend were killed instantly. The wrong way driver was injured and taken to the hospital.

Instead of the wonderful celebration her parents had planned for her, they had to spend the day and those following, planning her funeral.

I can only imagine how terrible Laurie’s Mother’s Day must have been. I have no right to complain that I did not get to put my feet up and eat bon bons while my kids waited on me all day- I thank God that I have them here to ask me what I am going to fix for dinner. Any time that they are too loud, I may ask them to please be quiet, but I hope that they – and God- know how happy I am that I have them here. I think I might tell them – and him.


One response to “Entry for June 25, 2007

  1. Anna-that is horrible! I can’t imagine anything worse. You are right- we should be thankful everyday for our wonderful children.

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