the proper use of parenting books

As I am beginning the 6’oclock hour this Monday evening, having listened now to Little Reese throwing a tantrum for the better part of the last hour, I am wondering what I am misunderstanding in all of these parenting books. I have read quite a few having a child with ADD.

From Chaos to Calm was a very helpful book. It gave me alot of very useful information and “ah ha”‘s …

Driven to Distraction 

What Did I Just Say?

Maybe you know my kid?

the absolute best of all is so far Parenting with Love and Logic

so I read these books, and I try and I try … and every day is like today, and I wonder..”What am I doing wrong???!!!”

I remember a cartoon from my childhood that explains what it is to a “T”–

Foghorn Leghorn is “babysitting” and the mother leaves him a parenting book. He follows all of the instructions and when she returns he tells her lady, this book doesn’t work. She tells him, as she bends junior over her knee and proceeds to blister his little bottom with the book, that he wasn’t using it properly.



One response to “the proper use of parenting books

  1. Your right about the books maybe you should use it on his bottom the next time he stars that.(Just make sure it’s a pamplet or the dreaded DFACS will be after you for child abuse)

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