Boys v Girls

As  I have said before, I am very glad to have boys. But playstation, XBox, etc. are boy things, therefore, occupy most of the television time in my house when those boys (my husband included) are at home…UGH!!!  Now, we have had our playstation for many years, and it has been a major thorn in my side all along, but recently all but one game has quit working in it– of course, that game could be a nice game, like Crash Bandacoot, or the Veggie Tales game Santa brought or Nascar… or even one of the World War II games they have… but no, the only game that works is Grand Theft Auto 3– so all afternoon and into the evening I watch cars being stolen, peole being shot, money stolen and guns bought… sirens and car tires squealing…

This is one of the very few times that I think..hmm..girls wouldn’t be doing this… these things are targeted towards boys….




One response to “Boys v Girls

  1. Mute the T.V. nobody said you had to hear the game to play it

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