Sunshine and lollipops…

We were very surprised this weekend when we were promised rainy yucky weather and it was absolutley beautiful all weekend! Reese and Goose worked in the yard, planting bushes, pulling weeds and fertilizing the grass in the back yard – hopefully repairing some of the mess Dixie has made of it over the past few weeks. Just in time of course, because the dream is definately over, the rain started again this morning. Thank goodness! I was really worried we were going to have a drought!! (only kidding!)

Since I don’t exactly have a green thumb, I did not plant anything. I played with the dog. So much fun!! Much more than digging holes!  In between throwing the ball and chasing the dog with the ball, I folded clothes and cleaned the garage..

So, baseball and cleaning and playing with the dog…greatest weekend in a while!! 

Melony says I ramble… do I?


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