Long time, no see….

I have a myspace page. For some reason, when I think of myspace, I do not experience any sort of warm fuzzies. I think it is kinda creepy. But I have a myspace page. Justin, Dhelia and Harley set it up.

When you fill out the info for the myspace page, it asks what school you graduated from. Ok. Well, the other day, I got an e-mail from a guy I knew in the 9th grade!He moved away after the ninth grade, so it had been 20 years since I had talked to him. Now, I have the memory of an elephant for PAST things (now adays, though, is a different story, the short term memory thing…. what was I talking about again?….) but I was totally AMAZED that this guy I knew for one school year remembered me! He was an awesome ball player then and if I read his profile right, he is now a high school coach. Too cool!

I decided to look around myspace and classmates.com and e-mailed some old friends, feeling a little nostalgic as a result of Billy’s email, and Kristen Urban -now Ray- emailed me today – she lives in the town next to where we just moved from in Georgia. This could be fun!!

So where are  you now, Jennifer… Lauren…Cheri…Michael..Brett..Nathan (I know where you were last time I heard you on talk radio 3 years ago)?

Get in touch… keep in touch…

It is amazing to see how much people change over the years.. Gina Oliver. Hated her in school. She hated me. Three years after high school, we hung out with the same group of people. Two years after that, I moved to Arkansas. After we move back to GA 8 yrs later, I return to work in Kennesaw and theres Gina. Now, one of my best friends.

You go to to the 10 year reunion to see who turned out to be a loser and who didn’t, who got fat and who stayed thin. The 20 year reunion? Hmm…

Did anyone see Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion?

or have you heard my favorite song by Bowling for Soup–

                                 High School Never Ends ?     That song absolutely cracks me up!!



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