How different my kids are…

I am often amazed at the differences in my kids.. I am sure some of it is my doing.. I am a different person now than I was when I had Justin 14 years ago. But not everything.

Justin NEVER wanted to sleep with me or us. When we first moved to Arkansas, Reese traveled during the week, and being my first time really being away from home, I was more comfortable with Justin sleeping in the room with me, but when Reese came home on the weekends, Justin never had a problem going back to his room. Little Reese, on the other hand, sleeps in our bed an average of 5 nights a week. ARRGGHHH!

I am not sure if clingy is the word, but Little Reese is not one who likes to be alone. He does not like to be upstairs in his room if no one else is there – to play, to shower or to even use the bathroom.

Justin, on the other hand. We used to joke that we worried that he was building bombs in his room. He is a loner. He has always enjoyed spending time alone.

Strange, I think. Justin much more independent at Little Reese’s age. Never a second thought putting him on the school bus in kindergarten. No worries. Little Reese- oh no- I knew in my head that he was old enough and all, but … and then when he got on the wrong bus in the afternoon and the school lost him for two hours after school was out…

But anyway…back to the bed thing…. ARGGHHH!

Any ideas anyone?


One response to “How different my kids are…

  1. Hmm- I dunno about that one. We still keep the doorknob things on Charla’s door so she can’t get up and wander around the house at night. I’m sure I’ll be asking for the solution to this one in a few years, though.

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