Where is Tipper Gore now?

So, as I am watching television last night with the kids, and I feel the need to cover Goose’s eyes during every commercial break, I remember when Tipper Gore was out there trying to protect me and my friends from the evils of rock music and video games. 

Where are you now,Tipper? Now that there are ratings on the video games? Sure, kids have to be 18 to buy Grand Theft Auto Vice City- but there is much less sex and violence in that video game than there is television commercials for the movies.. for example, The Hills Have Eyes 2, The Saw, whatever the name of the new Quinton Terintino movie is…

I think that yes, we should all be cautious of the video games our kids (or grown ups play around the kids), the types of movies and t.v. shows they watch, but we don’t have a whole lot of control over the commercials during these shows- we were watching Jeopardy when these were on…

I never thought I would miss Tipper Gore — does that mean I am getting old and turning into my parents or that the world is becoming scarier?


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